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Some of the ferrets we receive into care are too sick or old to be adopted out.  They are one of the reasons we fund raise for money to help with their care and upkeep until they pass.  If you would like to donate to help with their care, please contact  us at or we accept e-transfers to the same address.


Minnie 8yo

 When Minnie came to us, whenever she got frightened she would lock up tight like a board and fall over, stiff, it was hard to even tell if she was breathing.  We suspect she may have been abused by dogs in her life.  With a lot of love and care, we eventually cured her of that behavior.  She is still so tiny and skittish though, that we keep her separated from the other more rambunctious ferrets.  Despite that, she did become attached to another ferret that was blind and palliative and shepherded him around until he finally passed. 


Currently she is trying to co-exist with a couple of older ladies with mixed results and is on medication for insulinoma.  We expect to send her over the Rainbow bridge shortly.

Dorothy  (6-7+ years old)
Dorothy is maintaining her weight, but is still too small.  She is a quiet little thing that loves to cuddle.  We suspect she has an adrenal tumor which is being treated with an implant.