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Do you have room in your heart and home to house a couple of extra ferrets?  We are always looking for Foster Homes on the Island and the BC Lower Mainland. Volunteers and fosters are the backbone of the rescue.  They help provide a safe and loving home to ferrets while they wait for their new home or as they transition over the rainbow bridge.


There is more than one type of foster home required:

  • Short-term - ferrets kept up to a week, until we can pick them up
  • Standard - healthy ferrets kept until they are adopted
  • Long-term - larger groupings of ferrets, or ferrets with medical conditions
  • Palliative - homes for ferrets with special needs, unavailable for adoption, waiting to pass over the rainbow bridge

We are willing to teach you everything you need to know.  We will not place ferrets in an inappropriate home, for example giving known biters to a family with small kids.

Fosters have first choice of adoption of their charges, often called a foster fail (Yes, it is a real thing).

No minimum commitment required and we understand that fostering ferrets is not easy.  If you foster ferrets and decide they are not right for you, let us know and we will come and collect them as soon as possible.

As we are a small rescue, we can't afford to cover everything.  As a foster home, we expect you to provide food, litter, playtime, and companionship, while the rescue will cover veterinarian bills and medications.

Our director of Foster Care is always available to help provide info and advice, you are never alone.

Interested?  Download our
Adoption & Fostering Application

Or contact us at for more information.