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Ferret Education

It was time to start sharing ferret information with everyone.  We will post links and documents that we think are pertinent to ferrets and their owners. 

Feel free to share information that you've found to our Facebook page or email it to us at



 Click on the links to access the documents.


Blockage Protocol - If you suspect your ferret has swallowed something it shouldn't have, try this protocol immediately, if no success, take to the the veterinarian right away.


Insulinoma - Some info on a common ferret cancer

Adrenocorticol Disease - AKA Adrenal disease.  Another common, hair losing disease


Vancouver Island Veterinarian List - By no means exhaustive but these are some of the vets that VIFERT members use.  Please let us know if there is a vet you think should make the list.

Ferret Lab Values - Useful if you have a vet that is unfamiliar with normal lab values for a ferret.  I don't recall where I got the information from though, so I can't give credit.  Done in US units.

Ferret Color Guide - Not sure how to describe your ferret.  This guide may help.  It is not definitive, but is a good place to start.  Taken from Pinterest.

Ferret Stool Chart - Ferret have a funny looking poop?  Want to know what it could mean?  Check here.


New to Raw - Are you looking for more information on a raw diet, here are the top 8 questions that people ask, answered.

 Ferret Kibble & Raw Information - Here is some information on different types of kibble, wet food, freeze dried raw and raw foods.  We recommend a raw diet for ferrets, but realize it doesn't work for everyone.



And of course, we recommend Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schillings for your late night reading entertainment.

More items to come.  Keep coming back to check.