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Homeward Bound?


All our ferrets undergo a 2 week quarantine and a veterinary screening and treatment prior to being made available for adoption.  For animals in need of serious care, we treat all that is reasonable and possible as long as the animal is not suffering.  In order to meet these expectations, there are adoption fees.  Please contact us for our current fees.


Our vet, Dr.Dave MacDonald at Comox Valley Animal Hospital  in the Comox Valley and Royal Oak Veterinary Clinic in Victoria makes sure all our ferrets are happy and healthy!


As ferret care is never ending and veterinary care is expensive, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated through e-transfer, please use our email: or contact us for more information.



Adoption Process


At VIFERT, we use a three stage adoption process to ensure ferrets and families are well matched.  The first step is an application form, then telephone interview and finally a home visit.  With Covid-19 being an issue, we are able and willing to do a virtual visit in lieu of a home visit.  This process allows us to gauge ferret knowledge and help point out various issues that might come up with ferret ownership.


Adoption Guidelines

  • 19 years of age or older
  • References are required and will be contacted
  • You must provide the name of your current or potential veterinary clinic
  • If you rent, landlord will be contacted to ensure ferrets are permitted


So after all that, you are still interested in adopting a ferret?  Please fill out an Adoption & Fostering Application form.  We will keep your form on file and contact you if a ferret meeting your needs comes in.


Please contact us regarding current adoption fees.  There may be a discount for taking multiple, elderly or ferrets with special requirements.



 Foster-to-Adopt Program

Not sure if a ferret is right for you?  Try our Foster-to-Adopt program.  Take a ferret in for 30 days, along with guidance from our experts, some loaner equipment (cage, toys, etc) and see if a ferret is willing to live with you. 



Available for Adoption


If you think adopting any of these cute, adorable, friendly, playful, entertaining, sociable, endearing, life-enriching, wallet-emptying, key stealing, foot-warming, little bundles of joy would be the perfect addition to your life, may we suggest filling out an Adoption & Fostering application?

All of our rehomed ferrets go through a 2-week quarantine period in their own room, as a precaution, to assess for any potential diseases.  They are assessed for behavior and health issues, given a vet check, and then mixed with another group of ferrets for suitability.  After all that, they are ready to meet their adoring fans.



 See below for ferrets currently available for adoption

Click on picture to see a larger version.  Will open in a new window.


Misha (4F) & Appa (4M)


Misha  likes to snuggle and is otherwise healthy.











This guy is very people oriented and likes to cuddle on your lap.  He currently is having a bit of seasonal "rats tail" right now.  He also has two benign mast cell tumors on his skin.





 Merry(5) and Pipin(5)!!

Merry (Sable) and Pipin (light panda colour) are currently being pampered over in Vancouver.  Despite their age, they are both still playful and energetic, having come from a good home.  Merry has taken to eating raw like a champ, but Pipin is still getting used to the idea.


Unfortunately, Merry has passed over the rainbow bridge so Pipin is looking for a comforting home to take her in.









Introducing Jared (6yrs), Simon (6yrs) and Malloree (4-5yrs) 




Jared is 6 going on 2. Full of energy but is still a bit leery around new people.

Is quite happy to just run around and do his own thing.

Likes to get in trouble with his partner in mischief, Simon.









 Simon is 6yrs old but acts more like 60. He is a cuddle bug

and likes to snuggle. He would be ok giving kisses all day. His

eyesight isn't the greatest anymore . But that doesn't stop

him from running around with Jarod.







Miss Maloree is definitely the boss and the boys know it.

She is super sweet and gets along great with the other ferrets

in the home. She likes to cuddle or go digging in the dirt.